Famotex offers extraordinary benefits for a widening range of market applications. The product technology centres on the 3D construction, which reduces heat build-up, allows consistent air circulation and provides high moisture transfer. Additional benefits include comfort cushioning and shock absorbency with excellent recovery properties. Famotex has many different properties that can be incorporated and as a one-piece structure provides many additional advantages in comparison to traditional foams and multi-layer fabrics and it can be heat-moulded and shaped.

We can engineer Famotex to suit the customer's specification and application requirements – providing different constructions with different thicknesses, compression characteristics and yarn combinations. Multiple constructions are supplied in a gauge range of 2mm–20mm; and variable compression values and yarn combinations to precisely suit your specification. Specialist finishes such as 'antibacterial' can be applied Famotex is dyeable, machine-washable and will not de-laminate or breakdown.

The features and benefits of Famotex encompass the key attributes required by today's designers, engineers and manufacturers.

Use of specialist pressure redistributing support surfaces are widely recognised when sitting for long periods of time in the same place. When you sit or lie down you naturally shift your position from time to time, even when you're asleep. But if you do not move for long periods there is a risk that the weight of the body pressing down on the skin can reduce blood circulation and the development of tissue damage over time. Areas most at risk are where the skin covers bony parts of the body; areas such as heels, the bony part of the bottom, elbows and shoulders are the parts of the body that take most of the weight when in the lying position.

Use of specialist pressure redistribution support surfaces help to display weight more evenly and protect the skin. Designed to give maximum comfort while you rest, it will also support a better night's sleep.
Too hot or too cold - build up of heat and thermal comfort can have a great impact on general well being and comfort. By creating a layer of air around the body, Famotex allows perspiration to evaporate so helping to maintain core temperature.

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